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Most of these games will make you laugh, but some of them are quite serious. Either way, you will surely enjoy playing a game which is not based on graphics alone. The story has an important role in these sexy games and you will certainly run across some interesting plot twists once you start playing. Among the many games available on this website, you will find a few games which have a precise goal. For example, in Naughty Elevator you will have to figure out how to get the hot girl by causing a chain reaction. This game is based on triggering a series of events and it can be considered a mixture between naughty games and puzzle games. You have to be fast, but you also have to perform each action correctly. This is the only way to get a high score and obtain a spot in the sexy games hall of fame. Some of these games are based on hand to eye coordination, but most of them are logic games and the only way to finish these ones is by paying attention to the rules and trying to figure out which items you need to click. Before you start playing any of these games, you should read the instructions. This way, you will be able to focus on the game play without trying to figure out which button is which and how to get more points. Each and every one of our naughty games comes with a detailed description and you can also take a look at some basic instructions from the game menu. Most of these games are easy to understand, so getting used to the controls won't be a problem. However, from time to time you will want to get a very high score at a game and the only way to do this is by reading its description.